Record number of cases heard

The number of complaints about employee rights dealt with by Acas increased
again last year, its annual report shows.

Acas chairwoman Rita Donaghy said the small increase in employment disputes
to 167,186 indicated the trend was slowing. It had leapt by 25 per cent the
previous year.

Donaghy said, "It is still the largest figure ever, but I hope that it
shows that the rise in numbers is levelling off."

Acas also dealt with 384 requests for voluntary trade union recognition last
year, of which 264 cases were completed, an increase of 37 per cent on

Donaghy thought that one of the reasons for the sharp increase in the number
of recognition cases was the introduction of the statutory right for union recognition
in June 2000.

Total cases dealt by Acas in 1999/2000 and 2000/2001

164, 525                      Cases
received                         167,186

57,478                         Settled                                      64,133

40,312                         Withdrawn                               41,480

32,921                         Employment
tribunal                 42,967

130,711                       Total

Source: Acas annual report 2000-2001

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