Recruiter Chapman Black gets trainer to put its money where its mouth is

Lander Associates, the specialist training and performance development consultancy has emerged as a clear winner of recruiter Chapman Black’s innovative scheme to select a new training partner.

Chapman Black, a specialist operational and executive recruiter set the challenge last year stating that they wanted to “shake up the conventional training paradigm by asking training companies to go head to head and see which could have the greatest impact on performance”.

The project set out to link remuneration to results over a six month period. Trainers would receive a fixed nominal and non-negotiable day rate, but for those who were willing to take the risk and battle it out to win, a significant bonus based on the increase in gross profit generated would be earned. Out of over 15 applications, only three were successful in reaching the competition stage. However, given the uncertain economic climate only two organisations were willing embrace the challenge: Lander Associates and one other.

The companies were tasked with training two different teams and at the end of the period, Lander Associates had increased KPIs by 43% and revenue by 41% the other , with their team had increased KPIs by 10% and revenue by 16%.

“I knew it was worth the risk” said Fiona Lander, Managing Director of Lander Associates. “I believed in our team and in our methods and am delighted that we have had the opportunity to prove that our training directly impacts on results – I’m now looking forward to working with Chapman Black on a long term basis.”

We were delighted with Lander’s approach”, said Shanthi Wilkinson, Head of Operations. “There was real buy in from the team and their passion really shone through. The whole point of this project was to determine the real value of external training – and to be able to measure the return on our investment. We have always considered ourselves to be a performance recruiter – focused on the end result – and therefore wanted our training partner to mirror those values. Lander Associates did a terrific job!”

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