Resourcing partnership proves to be just the job for Teva

HR Connexions, the online recruitment specialist, has worked with Resourcing Matters, an HR consultancy to deliver a cost effective approach to recruitment for Teva UK Limited, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the UK.

Working on positions in all areas of the business including logistics, finance, regulatory affairs and sales and marketing, Teva knew that using a traditional recruitment agency and interview process could be expensive and time consuming.

Teva provided HR Connexions with the job details and criteria of what was expected from the successful candidate. The normally lengthy process of sourcing and assessing for each position was then made significantly easier for Teva, reducing the time and resource required.

Using more than 50 online job sites, HR Connexions was able to promote the positions to a maximum number of potential candidates. Following the collation and filtering of all applicants, ensuring that those shortlisted met with the specific criteria assigned to each role, HR Connexions was able to pass the first selection to Resourcing Matters.

The team at Resourcing Matters, working very closely at all times with the HR team and recruiting manager at Teva, used a number of techniques including competency based telephone and face-to-face interviews to assess each candidate against the behavioural skill set required for each position. For more specialised positions or multiple vacancies other selection tools were designed and assessment centres run.

The combined offering of cost effective candidate generation alongside a professional HR service, for the assessment of all applicants, provides clients with a talent pool of highly qualified and relevant potential employees.

Senior HR Business Partner at Teva, Helen Bee commented: “Resourcing Matters and HR Connexions work together as an extension of our HR team. We trust them to take a lot of the stress out of the recruitment process and to spend the time and energy that is required when identifying the best candidates for each job. Ultimately we gain the benefits of their partnership, with the simplicity of one point of contact

She added: “This way of working makes the process as simple as possible and has the added value of creating a group of suitable candidates over which we have ownership In future recruitment campaigns we are able to confidently source potential applicants from our very own talent pool.”

With 14 dedicated assessors who are all qualified Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) professionals as well as accredited to perform a selection of psychometric tests,  Resourcing Matters and HR Connexions are able to provide a high quality service, cost savings and a professional approach.

The team continues to work with Teva to maintain a “warm” talent pool of potential employees that can be contacted as and when required.  Engaging with candidates through ongoing recruitment based communications, the team is able to retain and enhance brand awareness for Teva and reduce costs further by visiting previously shortlisted candidates when required, limiting the need for external advertising.

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