Review paper may help close gender pay gap

Employers could be forced to reveal their record on equal pay in company
reports, under new proposals aimed at closing the gender pay gap.

The proposals put forward by Denise Kingsmill, who has been appointed by the
Government to review women’s employment and pay, are set out in a consultation
document which has been sent to 160 of the UK’s largest employers.

The CIPD agrees in principle that companies should provide more information
on their HR policies to shareholders.

"The institute believes that there is a need for increased disclosure
and transparency on human capital management practices and for information to
allow investor scrutiny to aid the efficient and well-considered allocation of
resources by investors and shareholders," the CIPD submission claims.

But Jim Donovan, HR director at Littlewoods, voiced concerns over whether
the proposals are workable. "It may end up a wordy corporate statement
that lacks any real application," he said.

Socpo president Keith Handley is sceptical about another proposal which
would tie private companies working in the public sector to Government equal
pay contracts.

Other recommendations include pre-tribunal third-party pay rulings and a
joint employer and Government equality research body.

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