Rewarding staff is simply good manners

bonuses, just saying "thank you" could be the best way of rewarding

is a finding of internal British Airways research that shows a personal
acknowledgement by managers can be the most appreciated reward.

‘thank yous’ don’t cost anything, but they do add lots of value to the
business," said Lucy Dunn-Simms, rewards manager at BA, told delegates at
the CIPD conference in Harrogate.

added, "People come to work for other reasons than pay and we have to
reward a committed and dedicated workforce."

staff cannot survive on compliments alone and BA has introduced a new   recognition and reward system that shows
levels of achievement by staff. Last year, it invested a £1m on prizes.

Bravo recognition scheme has four levels of reward, ranging from kind words
from the manager to a luxury holiday and certificate from the chairmen.

By Mike Broad

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