Jobsharing scheme helps cut pilot redundancies

British Air Line Pilots’ Association has secured the introduction of an
innovative work-sharing arrangement at bmi British Midland in a bid to minimise
the number of pilot job cuts.

company has announced that it needs to make up to 109 pilots redundant –
one-fifth of the pilot workforce – following the terrorist attacks in the US.

the company has agreed with Balpa that it will reduce the number of job losses
through a unique job sharing scheme, an aviation industry first.

the airline’s pilots are being invited to opt for working half time for half

general secretary Christopher Darke, said, "Our members at bmi British
Midland are determined to save as many pilot jobs as possible. We have
therefore worked with the company to introduce a series of modern measures to
share work.

the part-time working scheme, for every two pilots who opt for reduced hours,
one more job is saved. When good times return to the industry, it will also be
easier for bmi British Midland to expand by asking pilots to switch back from
part-time to full-time working."

principal negotiator John Moore added, "All pilots are being invited to
take up the option. We already know of a number who want to pursue study, spend
more time with their families, or fulfil a dream."

is hoped that a significant number of the 109 announced job redundancies can be

By Ben Willmott

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