Royal Mail commissions largest ever online applicant testing programme

Assessment firm PSL has been awarded potentially the largest ever online testing contract in the UK.

The Royal Mail has asked it to design two psychometric tests: a personality questionnaire and a ‘sorting simulation’ test, both of which will be delivered online.

One or both of these instruments will be used to help deselect potentially unsuitable applicants from the 125,000 who apply for front line positions each year.

The Royal Mail – which employs more than 196,000 people – has switched to online assessment to enhance efficiency in the recruitment process.

Matthew Mee, head of resourcing, said: “With such large numbers it is imperative to make the switch to online recruitment and introduce effective and job-relevant sifting tools.

“We need to deselect the candidates least likely to be suitable from the recruitment process as soon as possible. This will allow us to improve the quality of candidates coming through the assessment pipeline – and ultimately will ensure we are recruiting the best available people to deliver services to our customers.”

Consultants from PSL have spent a number of days at Royal Mail sorting, delivery and Post Offices across the country to get an exact understanding of the key attributes needed to work for the Royal Mail.

The online personality questionnaire and a ‘sorting test’ have been designed and are now being rolled out to all new applicants.

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