Royal Mail forced to reinstate 25-stone postman

A Scottish postman dismissed on health grounds after his weight ballooned to 25 stones has won his job back and been awarded more than £24,000 compensation by an employment tribunal.

Ronald Agnew, from Ayr, was taken off delivery duties, but ended up losing his job on health grounds when his managers at Royal Mail claimed they could not find another job for him, according to a report in the Scottish Herald newspaper.

Agnew claimed he was treated unfairly, as other workers had been given the chance to undertake lighter duties to avoid dismissal.

He said he could have carried out a driving job, but management argued his bulk made it difficult for him to fit into a van. Agnew in turn argued he could still drive his Ford Escort car with no difficulty.

He took his case to a Glasgow tribunal after his dismissal through retirement on health grounds after 18 years of service. Now the tribunal has ruled he should get back his job as a postman and be paid £24,278 in compensation.

The tribunal ruled that the decision to dismiss Agnew, who suffered from kidney problems and fluid retention, was unreasonable and unfair. The tribunal chairman, Frances Eccles, said: “The claimant was unwell and in need of support.”

He added that Royal Mail was a large employer and attempts to find Agnew alternative duties to accommodate his medical condition had been inadequate.

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