Sainsbury’s employee stabs colleague over conduct at work

A supermarket employee faces life in prison after stabbing a colleague for not “working properly”.

Robert McCulloch, 35, stabbed Roman Romasov to death outside a Sainsbury’s in Aberdeen following a series of arguments about conduct at work.

A manager tackled McCulloch in a bid to stop him during the attack, but he managed to free his hands and repeatedly knifed the victim, the court heard.

As well as working as a shelf stacker, Romasov was also studying mechanical engineering. The prosecutor said he was described as “a very private person” who did not socialise, but was a hard worker.

He said: “It seems that the argument started because the deceased, while working, dropped crates onto the floor, and the accused did not like the way in which the deceased was going about his work.”

On the night of the attack there was “an atmosphere” between the two which some colleagues described as “petty” and “childish”.

The court heard that McCulloch was disarmed by staff and later told police: “He was knocking stuff about in the shop and I told him to work properly and he started miscalling me.”

He said he told Romasov to do his job properly, and that Romasov then started “slagging off” Scottish people.

“I told him he shouldn’t be here and he told me I was racist and whatever else,” said McCulloch.

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