Sainsbury’s staff slam ‘Shining Stars’ reward scheme

Sainsbury’s staff have reportedly criticised a plan to reward them with ‘gold stars’.

The move is one of a number of HR initiatives the supermarket chain is introducing in a bid to improve low staff morale.

But one employee told the Daily Mirror: “It’s a joke… the idea they are going to award us gold stars if we’re good. What do they think we are – primary school kids?

“How about talking about pay and giving us back the Christmas bonus? That might motivate people better than some Mickey Mouse scheme.”

Staff awarded ‘Shining Stars’ points will be able to redeem them for items in a gift catalogue. Under another scheme, Tell Justin, workers will be urged to devise efficiency or savings ideas.

The initiatives form part of a business shake-up that is designed to boost sales by £2.5bn over the next three years.

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