SAS Ground Services take off with state of the art ThirdForce e-learning

ThirdForce, the UK’s leading compliance training and e-learning provider, celebrates this month with SAS Ground Services (SGS) employee, Mireille Broussoux-Rose.

Winner of the General Security Awareness Training (GSAT) competition, Mireille is fully GSAT qualified and has reaped numerous benefits from the computer based training.

Mireille’s colleagues are currently completing the training to fully understand aviation security and the part that they can play in contributing to the security of the airport.

Mireille explained: “The content of the GSAT computer based training (CBT) is well adjusted to the different level of expertise of our workforce. The CBT is easy to use, straight forward and learners can progress at their own speed. The pictures, sounds and different video clips are helping the learning process.”

SGS, part of SAS, top airline group in Northern Europe, is the largest full-service supplier of airline ground handling in the Nordic countries.

Together with the 18 SGS employees who have already successfully completed their GSAT qualification (through ThirdForce GSAT CBT), SGS will now promote the GSAT training to the rest of the team.

They will then be fully aware of the security threats and measures in place at the airport where they will be working.

Kevin Moriarty, SGS employee explains: “This training programme is interesting and highly interactive. It gives in depth information on all aspects of security at the airport and it explains, in detail, the important role that an airside pass holder plays.”   

With the New Year also arrive two further exciting contract wins for ThirdForce. KLM UK Engineering Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and Thomas Pink, British shirt maker, part of the luxury goods group LVMH will now provide ThirdForce GSAT e-learning to its staff to ensure full compliancy and accreditation by the Department for Transport (DfT).

Alan Maguire, managing director of ThirdForce, explained: “We congratulate Mireille on winning the GSAT competition. We are proud to be working with SAS Ground Services and the team should be congratulated on the fantastic work they have done so far. With 2009 fully underway, we now look forward to working closely with KLM UK and Thomas Pink.”

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