Scotland Yard investigates post-lobbying promotion

inquiry is underway at Scotland Yard after police officers complained that a
senior females woman detective was promoted after she directly lobbied Sir John
Stevens, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

investigation will look into complaints by colleagues that Detective Chief
Inspector Jill McTigue was rejected from the promotion process and then, after
complaining to the Commissioner at a police conference for female officers, put
back on the list of hopefuls and subsequently promoted.

McTigue was one of the 196 chief inspectors who applied for promotion, but was
omitted from the list of 77 officers put forward for assessment for promotion.

In a
statement, Scotland Yard said one candidate for promotion to superintendent who
was not originally put forward "made an appeal to the Commissioner and
after further consideration was allowed to go forward for assessment.”

statement went on to say that other officers “have expressed concern and we are
currently looking into whether those concerns are justified.”

Michael Millar

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