Scots council workers lose right to retire early

Scotland’s local government minister has announced that council workers will lose their right to retire on a full pension at 60.

Tom McCabe said the Rule of 85, which allows council workers to retire early if their age and years of service combined add up to 85 when they turn 60, was contrary to the forthcoming laws on age discrimination.

Other public workers such as nurses and teachers would not be affected under the current plans because they are on a different scheme, prompting accusations of a two-tier system.

McCabe denied this would be the case for the 200,000 local government workers in Scotland.

“If people feel the (legal) advice we have been given is wrong, they have ample opportunity to challenge that advice,” he told the BBC.

Unions have reacted angrily after the announcement was made during parliamentary answers by McCabe – a mechanism usually reserved for minor announcements.

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