Scots guide to demystify HIV in the workplace

Health Scotland is launching a guide to HIV in the workplace.

guide, Positively Employed, gives practical advice to employers and
highlights many of the issues surrounding the employment of HIV positive

booklet discusses:

How HIV and BBV (blood-borne viruses) affect all of us.

The specific support that people with HIV and BBV need at work.

The legal responsibilities employers have towards people with HIV and other

Simple, inexpensive measures that employers can put in place to protect the
health of all employees and where they can go for further help.

O’Connor, workplace programmes manager at NHS Health Scotland, said:
"Employers have a responsibility to non-HIV positive staff to keep them
safe, but they must also make sure that any person who might be HIV positive is
not made to feel any kind of discrimination, bullying or harassment.

leaflet will help to dispel the many myths about how you catch HIV in the

guide is available from December 1.

By Quentin Reade

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