Disengaged workforce costs UK £46bn a year

out of five employees in the UK do not consider themselves ‘engaged’ in their
work, costing the British economy almost £46bn a year in low productivity and
lost working days.

survey of more than 1,000 employees by Gallup showed that poor management is
‘squeezing the life out of millions of employees’ and both private and public
employers should take note if they are serious about performance.

to The State of Employee Engagement in Great Britain, only 19 per cent of
employees are loyal and psychologically committed to the organisation.

the other end of the scale, 20 per cent of workers are ‘actively disengaged’,
meaning they are physically present, but psychologically absent from their

research shows that those engaged with their work believe they are up to five
times more productive than those who are actively disengaged.

of ‘engaged’ employees is up to three times greater than workers who do not
feel fulfilled at work, and unhappy staff miss more than twice the amount of
work days due to ill-health.

By Michael Millar

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