Scrap the psychometrics, check out the ‘do’

People choose their hairstyle according to their career, a new survey claims.

According to Brylcreem, “mullets” are a popular hairstyle for those whose professions mean they are not seen by the public much, including long distance lorry drivers, taxi drivers and even DJs.

Men with cropped hair are more likely to do manual jobs; the survey found that 45 per cent of builders have short-cropped hairstyles.

Lino Carbosiero, Brylcreem style director said: “The survey results are pretty remarkable as they show that hair, rather than clothes, provide a more accurate indication of a modern British bloke’s lifestyle, job and career prospects.

“It is interesting because we like to think we are all individuals and that our hair and clothing is a result of personal preferences, when in fact it seems that we all are influenced by our workplace and co-workers – although I’m sure many of us won’t like to admit that.”

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