Search for top leaders begins

Global HR consultancy Hewitt Associates has announced the launch of the Top Companies for Leaders in Europe 2005 survey to identify the companies most successful at attracting, developing and retaining leaders.

Mark Hoyal, head of the European Leadership consulting practice at Hewitt said: “Leadership is even more important as companies continue to wrestle with business challenges and the aftermath of corporate scandals.

“Competition for leadership talent is at a high and this year’s survey will shed light on how Europe’s top companies are dealing with these challenges – and also on the specific practices which drive their success,” he said.

“Our aim is that participating in this study will arm companies with the information and insight to help them identify and develop their own leadership talent.”

In the 2003 survey, L’Oreal of France was revealed as the most effective organisation in Europe at developing leaders.

The top UK company was Vodafone Group and another three UK companies, AstraZeneca, Tesco and Pearson, featured in the top 10.

A key element of the survey is its linking of investment and practices in developing leaders with the organisation’s financial success.

In 2003, the top 20% of performers reported a strong to very strong focus on developing leaders and leadership skills, compared with only 36% of poorer performing organisations.
To be eligible for the list, companies must be publicly traded or be able to provide specific financial information. The results are expected in November.

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