‘Serial litigator’ sussed by tribunal

Repeat litigator Margaret Keane, who earned up to £100,000 by accusing 22 companies of ageism, has had her latest claims thrown out of court.

Keane, aged 50, was told recently that she was a “serial litigator” who had no interest in applying for the jobs on offer, and was “milking the system” to flout European age discrimination laws introduced in 2006.

She made up to £100,000 by claiming her job applications for newly qualified or entry-level jobs were rejected only because of her age, despite having 18 years’ experience. Twelve firms reportedly agreed to out-of-court settlements, earning Keane payouts of up to £10,000 each time.

But an employment tribunal has rejected five more of her claims, after lawyers for the accused companies accused her of being a “serial litigator”.

“Miss Keane has suffered no detriment as these were not bona fide applications,” barrister Peter Linstead told the Watford employment tribunal.

“She deliberately obstructed the process of finding herself a job, failing to tailor her application for different roles, gave the wrong date for her qualifications, and left four typing errors on her CV, and failed to apply for jobs commensurate with her 18 years’ experience.”

Keane, from Harrow, is a qualified chartered accountant, who began applying for jobs aimed at recent graduates in May 2007. Another five of her claims were rejected in March this year.

  • Perhaps the most famous serial litigant ever was the late Dorothy Squires, chanteuse and sometime wife of Roger Moore. She fought 20 suits alleging libel, assault and breach of copyright. Mounting fees drove her to bankruptcy and she ended her days penniless, living at a fan’s house.

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