Seventy per cent own up to office affairs

cardinal rule has always been don’t mix work with pleasure, but new research
claims almost three-quarters of UK staff have done just that.

survey by AOL of 10,052 people claims that 71 per cent of UK adults have had a
love affair with a colleague.

a quarter of respondents are still in relationships with partners from office
romances, and two-thirds say they would consider starting an affair with a
colleague if they liked them enough.

in 10 admit to sleeping with the boss to gain promotion, with one-in-three
admitting they would consider getting down and dirty.

Young, head of AOL’s Careers and Work Channel, said the workplace had become
one of the most popular environments to expect to meet a partner.

that men and women work outside the home in almost equal numbers, this is
inevitable. Smouldering looks across an office, flirty e-mails and cosy lunches
have become the new courting tools," she said.

By Michael Millar

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