Sex discrimination soldier seeks £400,000 from MoD

A lesbian soldier who is claiming nearly half a million pounds in compensation from the Ministry of Defence has returned to an Employment Tribunal to fight for compensation.

Fletcher is claiming £25,000 for injury to feelings as well as £381,000 for loss of earnings after an earlier Tribunal in 2007 ruled she had been the victim of ‘direct sex discrimination and harassment’. in a campaign of sexual harassment by a male sergeant.

Lance Bombardier Kerry Fletcher told the tribunal she was contacted for sex by an unnamed sergeant, who she claimed was a known womaniser.

She also alleged the sergeant and other male colleagues tried to destroy her career after she spurned his advances and the resulting stress led to her being signed off sick.

She told yesterday’s hearing: “I was having a hard time and felt I was losing my career. I didn’t want to leave the Army. It was my job and what I was trained to do.”

“I had worked all those years and felt no one was helping me and I would have to leave without my pension.”

The Ministry of Defence has denied any wrongdoing.

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