Shelter selects StepStone Solutions to cut recruitment costs and fill key specialist roles

Shelter, a leading charity working to alleviate the distress caused by homelessness and bad housing, has today announced its implementation of StepStone Solutions Talent Acquisition to manage recruitment across over 80 locations throughout England and Scotland. Shelter receives on average 460 applications every month for the vacancies it advertises, with some attracting over 90 applications.

Prior to implementing StepStone Solutions Talent Acquisition, Shelter used an online applicant tracking system to support its recruitment. However, a more capable solution was needed to assist the charity because it often secures funding that requires vacancies to be filled by people with specialist skill sets in short time frames to meet contract requirements. By using StepStone Solutions to build a talent pool of strong candidates to fill the roles, Shelter will be able to quickly fill these vacancies and start helping more people, with greater speed and efficiency.

StepStone Solutions’ automated workflows also mean that new employees can be recruited quickly and more cost effectively, allowing Shelter to achieve greater administrative efficiency. The “on-boarding” element of StepStone Solutions Talent Acquisition, meanwhile, lets new joiners log-in and access all relevant contracts, documents and content themselves. This self service functionality helps build staff engagement right from the outset as new recruits can access key employee information for themselves from a very early stage, saving Shelter’s resourcing team considerable time.

Shelter will also benefit from StepStone Solutions’ recruitment intelligence, which allows Shelter to fine-tune its recruitment advertising so it reaches the best candidates first.

“It’s vital that our recruitment process delivers the best value for money and enables us to attract the right talent to meet our charitable aims,” says David Evans, Head of HR, Shelter. “We now have a system that will enable us to get the best candidates, the most return on investment and ensure that we can focus our resources on our core purpose of alleviating the impact of bad housing and homelessness.”

Matthew Parker, CEO of StepStone Solutions, adds: “It’s fantastic that our platform is improving the operations and processes of a not-for-profit organisation such as Shelter. For organisations like this, cutting recruitment costs and increasing efficiency in core processes makes a direct difference to their ability to help people.”

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