Sirota Survey Intelligence introduces Maestro

Sirota Survey Intelligence, specialists in attitude research, has introduced Maestro, a new generation of survey reporting and action tools for managers who receive employee survey results for their units.

“Maestro offers simple, action-oriented displays which quickly answer managers’ questions about how they are doing, why their employees stay or leave, what can be done to improve unit performance, and how the unit compares to internal and external benchmarks,” said Nick Starritt, Managing Director of Sirota Survey Intelligence, Europe .

“Managers are very busy and need business tools that reflect their specific, time-sensitive needs,” continued Starritt. 

“Many in the organisational development field have focused as much on glitz as on substance in recent years.  Maestro refocuses us on the basics essential to improving managerial effectiveness.” 

“Plus, the integration of training material (in various modes) allows managers to hone skills necessary to effectively act on the findings. Several Sirota clients are already putting Maestro to good use with their managers.”

Highlights of the Maestro suite include:

– A One-Page “Dashboard” – Concise and easy to read, this Dashboard display includes the manager’s key strengths and opportunities as uncovered by the employee survey, scores on the key “drivers” of engagement, and a summary of the manager’s dimensional scores. 

Statistical algorithms and external benchmark data support these elements as appropriate.

– A Key Driver Grid – This clearly shows the impact of the key “drivers” (or diagnostic survey items that are highly influential) on employee engagement, as well as peer comparisons and trending to prior surveys. 

This matrix quickly directs managers to which of the most important items need the most immediate attention.

– An Item Grid – a one-page summary of all items (using a new visually compelling format) which quickly identifies: serious concerns that require immediate action; issues that need attention and should be considered for action; and strengths to leverage where possible.

– An Interactive ActionTracker Tool – a feature that links manager reports to Sirota’s ActionTracker tool. 

This tool not only tracks actions at individual, unit, and organisational levels (providing key action metrics), but guides managers through the use of best-practices regarding which types of actions work best based on their results.

– Mentoring – Soon to be released, this self-directed tool connects managers needing assistance to high-performing colleagues for mentoring and links to training materials including relevant literature, white papers, and videos.

“Maestro was developed by Sirota staff working closely with our clients over a extended period of time to design something special from the user’s point of view,” said Starritt.  “The result is a best-in-class product suite.”

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