Skelmersdale could be answer to NI crisis

It was with great interest that I read the letter from Miranda Harrison of AutoDesk, concerning problems with securing interviews for two members of staff who had relocated from Sweden and who were seeking National Insurance numbers (Personnel Today, 15 March).

My wife works for Jobcentre Plus in Skelmersdale, so I showed her the letter and she was appalled by its content.

Jobcentre Plus staff who interview employees trying to get a National Insurance number are required to meet key indicators, so Harrison’s request to her local Jobcentre Plus to see her two staff members should have been dealt with within a very short timescale.

My wife has said if Harrison can get her employees to Skelmersdale, she will happily see them on 5 April when she next has a slot free for National Insurance enquiry interviews.

She also advised they go directly to the Jobcentre Plus Glasgow office which is offering fast-track work for all professional employees.

Nick Hayes
Deputy director of personnel
East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust


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