offers increased accuracy of UK payments data with introduction of weekly updates has increased the frequency of its updates to weekly giving customers accurate and timely UK payments data; crucial to the successful processing of payments.

This change reflects the Payments Council’s recommendation to use a weekly updated data source where possible.

Alongside increased accuracy, customers can be reassured they are using reliable, informed bank sort codes data as only contains data from authoritative sources. is invaluable to anyone who works in payroll, personnel, accounts and memberships departments. Customers have the option of two methods of retrieving UK payments data, depending on their needs:

  1. Online – a web-based tool enabling users to look up bank sort codes data via a simple search facility
  2. Electronic – a bank sort codes data file which can be downloaded from a secure FTP site and then simply integrated into an organisation’s own ERP or payment system.

Offering an accurate data source is crucial in the ever-changing world of UK payments data. Caroline Winch, information sales manager for Sorting Codes said: “We recognise the importance to our customers of accessing correct bank sort codes data. Out-of-date information increases the risk of costly misplaced payments leading to wasted time and money; something that organisations can ill afford in this current economic climate.”

Kerry Hewson, director of RBI Financial Publications, commented: “We are pleased to be able to offer our Sorting Codes customers more frequently updated information, demonstrating our continued commitment to providing dependable and accurate data.” 

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