Speaker predicts rude awakening for HR profession

Half of what HR does is a waste of time because HR directors focus too much
on process rather than making a difference in their organisations, delegates

Ellis Watson, managing director of Celador International told HR directors they
need to make a step change to survive as a function, in a challenging
presentation peppered with expletives.

"HR is not to do with process – it’s an important part of it, but it’s
about influencing everyone else," Ellis argued.

Together with Tim Drake of the Drake Consultancy, Ellis urged HR people to
be passionate, take risks and become the internal brand leader in their

Ellis said HR directors were unlikely to win a place on the board as the
function was rarely important enough in most organisations.

Ellis added that chief executives who didn’t inspire people should not be in
the role.

Drake told HR directors they should focus on making allies with other senior
executives, get rid of poor performers and concentrate on their personal

Ellis reinforced the message that HR should manage out poor performers.
"Crap people can be sacked," he said, "sacking people is a piece
of p*** if you want to do it. Bad people are a cancer, they are a disease, they
are AIDS," he added.

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