Staff seek ‘ideal’ line manager

than half of staff responding to a survey liken their line managers to Margaret

research, carried out for Adult Learner’s Week by corporate education and
training provider NETg, also finds that nearly 60 per cent of those polled
would like their line manager to be like TV presenter Cat Deeley.

Cat Deeley’s looks may have played a part in this result, it’s not the only
factor," said Karina Ward, of NETg. "As a TV presenter, she needs
strong communication skills – an essential part of being an effective manager.

good news for bosses that feel they don’t possess this skill is that it’s never
too late to learn. Organisations are increasingly realising that ‘softer’
business and professional skills can be transferred just as effectively as IT

survey also asked respondents which celebrity most reminded them of their IT
manager. Though Homer Simpson and Frank Skinner scored highly, TV’s bumbling Mr
Bean topped the poll.

thinks this result, though slightly tongue-in-cheek, highlights the changing
role of IT managers.

said: "They can no longer just be outstanding technical people. As IT
plays an increasingly strategic role in the development of competitive
advantage, so IT managers need to play a more visible, central role in
organisations. This means that communication, presentation and leadership
skills are becoming every bit as important as technical ability."

By Ben Willmott

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