Staff suggest ways to boost engagement during economic downturn

Workers have called for more praise, encouragement and recognition to help boost morale during the tough times, according to a new survey.

A thousand employees were asked what single action their employer could take immediately to help improve engagement during the downturn in a study by workplace communications consultancy CHA. While a pay rise including bonuses or incentives topped the wishlist, good management and leadership was high up on their agenda.

Colette Hill, chief executive at CHA, said: “Every business leader has a crucial role to play during difficult times – but it doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult. The main thing is to communicate constantly.

“Our results also show that building a positive culture of appreciation and celebration will keep staff motivated, particularly if financial rewards are not available.”

The full list of ways to improve engagement during the downturn was ranked as follows:

1. Pay rise – including bonus or incentives

2. Staff party or night out, and food provided in the office

3. Praise, encouragement, and recognition

4. Reassurance about job security

5. Flexible working, reducing pay by reducing hours

6. Senior management that is involved, positive and honest

7. Communication

8. Dismissing other staff

9. More staff and training.

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