StepStone Solutions releases Version 10.1 of its enterprise-level talent acquisition solution MrTedTalentLink

StepStone Solutions, a global leader in talent management solutions, has introduced the latest version of its SaaS-based, enterprise-level talent acquisition solution, MrTedTalentLink version 10.1. The new version adds extensive new configuration capabilities, an enhanced apps library with new generation apps, and numerous workspace improvements. MrTedTalentLink v10.1 is immediately available for all customers through StepStone Solutions global hosting centres.

“The product roadmap for version 10.1 was driven by customer requests, and delivers enhanced usability and configuration capabilities to support our customer’s stated talent acquisition priorities,” says Matthew Parker, StepStone Solutions’ CEO. “For example, by creating a configurable candidate personal information form, recruiters have full control over the candidate experience. This new feature underlines the flexibility of our SaaS solution.”

Other key new features delivered to customers in StepStone Solutions MrTedTalentLink 10.1 include:

  • Substantial enhancements to the application process that give the recruiter full control over the candidate experience through new configuration options within the Personal Information Form (PIF). Each site or sourcing channel can present a different PIF, allowing an optimised experience for each job type and control of the candidate experience during the application process. The availability of Custom Translation Sets for standard labels in the application process also allow tailoring the application process to use it for a variety of purposes. Finally, candidates who apply within their candidate career portal now enjoy the Auto Save of their application every time they navigate from one step to the next.

  • MrTedTalentLink comes with a redesigned apps library for faster and more convenient navigation, and faster search. StepStone Solutions is introducing a new generation of more complex apps – such as the pre-screening app – allowing recruiters to make decisions on a candidate directly from the workspace.

  • In MrTedTalentLink v10.1 the workspace logic has been enhanced, resulting in a much faster loading time when navigating to the workspace.

  • New additions in the area of volume recruitment and time sheet management, such as Form Sharing, which enables recruiters to re-use the output of screening steps for later applications, and the possibility to define multiple timesheets approvers for contractors.

MrTedTalentLink v10.1 is now available for all customers using MrTedTalentLink.

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