Students put career ahead of social life

should breathe a sigh of relief with the news that most students consider their
long-term career prospects rather than their social life when it comes to
selecting a university.

Hobsons’ National Students survey found that three-quarters of current
university students put the reputation of the course first (83 per cent),
followed by the standing of the institution (79 per cent) and the college’s
ability to place students in employment (76 per cent).

to appearances, students failed to be swayed by the promise of a hectic social
life with a only 21 per cent claiming that this would influence them in their

Bozdogan, a publisher at Hobsons, said, “It would suggest that finding a career
in an increasingly competitive market place, that will also help to pay off
increasing debts is more important to them than the university experience and
life skills that come with it.”

The survey
interviewed more than 1000 university students aged 16-24 years old in the UK.

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