Successful meeting of the Institute of Equality and Diversity Practitioners

In just over 13 months the Institute of Equality and Diversity Practitioners has moved from an idea to a reality.

Since its formal launch in January, the IEDP has attracted 30 members, held its first General Meeting and elected a Board of Directors.

Linda Bellos OBE and Shelagh Prosser take on the roles of Chair and vice Chair. Paul Carswell, Caroline Jones, Tehmina Hammad, Julie Kaya and Joanne Rowland-Stuart take on other key roles on the Board.

At the formal business meeting members agreed to endorse the elections, apply to the EHRC for infrastructure funding and seek to fill existing Board vacancies through a further round of nominations.

With the formal business over, the meeting moved onto a ‘Question Time’ session with an invited panel of experts.

They were:

  • Michael Rubinstein publisher of the Equal Opportunities Review

  • Karen Chouhan Director of Equanomics UK

  • Paul Campayne Head of Equality and Diversity for Diversity Works for London (London Development Agency)

  • Fleur Bothwick Director of Equality and Inclusiveness Ernst and Young

The panel spoke of their hopes for the Bill and what they saw as some of the key challenges.  The audience raised a number of questions which led to a wide ranging debate. 

 It was heartening to hear IEDP members sharing views and experiences of working across the public and private sectors.

The IEDP Board plan to make Friday’s lively discussion the first of many such events aimed at engaging members on issues that affect of their work.

Also high on the IE&DP agenda for the coming months is to develop a competency framework that will raise the profile of the Institute and help raise the standards and consistency of advice offered by our sector.

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