Swarovski selects Cezanne’s Software to manage international talent management

Swarovski, the world leader in precision cut crystal, has selected Cezanne Software to provide systems to manage key strategic Human Resources (HR) activities, focusing on Talent Management and Succession Planning across its international operations.

Swarovski employs 22.000 people and maintains a presence in more than 120 countries worldwide. 

Cezanne’s systems were selected for their rich functional capabilities, user friendliness and for the company’s strong track record in implementing international Talent Management software solutions.

After a stringent procurement process, Swarovski has purchased Succession and Career Planning and Organisation Charting modules from Cezanne. 

The project commenced with a market scan of all the key Talent Management software vendors.  The vendors received Swarovski’s process overview and requirements document for people review and succession and career planning.

Cezanne was included in a short-list of three providers who then presented their solutions at Swarovski’s global Human Resources Board (HRB) meeting.

The final decision was made after visiting the short-listed suppliers at their offices and speaking with some of their clients.

Remko Verheul, Swarovski’s Senior Corporate Human Resources Manager commented:

“People development is one of our key strategic priorities. The implementation of Cezanne’s talent management solutions will allow HR to be a driving factor in the alignment of employee efforts with corporate goals. It also allows HR & line management to focus on people development, which moves it from the tactical to the strategic level. 

“At Swarovski we understand that the most successful companies believe and consistently invest in talent management and succession planning as a core business strategy. That is why we see the introduction of Cezanne’s software to support our talent management process as key to helping Swarovski continue on our successful journey.”

Remko Verheul continues, “We now have a transparent view of our top 1000 employees across the globe regarding their People Development profile: performance, potential, leadership, teamwork, functional expertise, international mobility, strengths, development areas and succession planning. However, we must continue to develop our talent pipeline and leadership bench strength and ensure people development accountability.”

Cezanne’s talent management software will provide Swarovski with the tools to help enhance its structured development of identified Talents / High Potentials.

It will help them to identify potential successors and see where the shortfalls might be for key strategic positions. Line managers will be able to adopt Cezanne’s Performance-Potential matrix whilst carrying out assessments of their employees, and the reporting metrics within the system will give a clear understanding of where future talent may be positioned.

Cezanne’s integrated organisation charting solution will also provide Swarovski with the tools to view key data on people, positions and performance in a very visual and understandable way.

The organisation charts, together with talent and succession trees, will provide the Human Resources Strategy Board with key HR metrics and allow them to see issues and opportunities more quickly. Importantly, this information will support the decision making in critical areas of their business.

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