T-Mobile denies union reps ban

Mobile phone operator T-Mobile has strongly refuted union claims that it is denying employees their statutory right to have union representation at company grievance or disciplinary meetings.

Last week the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) accused the company, which currently does not recognise the CWU at its workplaces, of “actively discouraging its staff to seek union assistance”.

Peter Morris, organising and recruitment manager, said: “In recent weeks, we have received reports that a number of team managers have been wrongly suggesting that members cannot have a union representative of their choice to accompany them to grievance or disciplinary meetings.

“The legal right of union representation is not dependent on whether the union is recognised or not,” he said.

He also accused the company of having a “track record” of anti-union activity. The union said it had written to T-Mobile management voicing its concerns.

In a statement, the company said: “T-Mobile absolutely refutes all claims made by the CWU that employees have been refused their statutory rights for accompaniment through formal procedures. The company fully observes the statutory right to accompaniment through all relevant procedures.”

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