Take part in the UK’s largest absence survey

High absence rates can have a damaging impact on the health of organisations. This is your chance to benchmark your organisation’s figures against other employers in what, last year, was the largest survey of UK absence.

Completing this survey will entitle you to:

  • a free copy of the XpertHR managing long-term absence report, emailed to you on completion of the survey, and
  • a complimentary copy of our findings once our absence analysis is complete.

Sickness absence – big data

6.5 days
The number of days per employee taken off in 2014.
Source: Absence rates and costs: XpertHR survey 2015

In addition, all those respondents whose data can be used in XpertHR survey analyses will be entered into our draw to win one of four £250 prizes.

The closing date for the prize draw is 30 June 2016, with the draw set to take place in w/c 18 July 2016. Please note that the prize is 4 x £250 and the winners will be notified by email in w/c 18 July 2016.

Last year’s survey showed that sickness absence was an average of 2.8% of working time per annum, or 6.5 days per employee.

XpertHR’s research findings were based on data provided by 670 organisations covering nearly two million employees. Data showed that absence was lowest in London and the East Midlands (2.6%) and highest in Northern Ireland (3.1%).

Take part in this year’s absence survey

The public sector continues to have higher absence rates than than the private sector, but in last year’s survey analysis this figure was found to have dropped significantly, from a median of 9.4 days per employee to 8.1 days.

The average cost of absence per employee in the public sector was £753, compared to just £475 in manufacturing and production.

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