Talent Greenhouse discussed at 3rd Annual Excellence in Talent Management Conference

A&DC, an authority in talent management, today announces Will Mitchell, Director of Consultancy and Chartered Occupational Psychologist at A&DC, is to present at the 3rd Annual Excellence in Talent Management Conference, on the 30th September in Barcelona.   His co-presenter is Lisbet Thyge Frandsen, Group Senior Vice President People and Strategy at Grundfos.

With over fifteen years of acute understanding of talent management, Will’s expertise will concentrate on delivering key indicators and guidance on how to cultivate and grow potential leaders within a talent greenhouse.  Building on employee strengths and key attributes, the afternoon seminar will provide HR professionals with an understanding of cultural barriers and how to navigate through them.

The seminar focuses on identifying and growing talent to build an innovative culture.  It will discuss:

  • The need for an innovative culture and the strategic vision for 2025

  • The Grundfos philosophy and cultural barriers around talent management mindset

  • The Talent Engine:

    • Involvement of critical stakeholders in Talent Engine design

    • A strengths approach to identifying leaders, innovators and specialists

    • The Talent Centre – Creating an objective reality to measure talents

    • The Talent Greenhouse – Growing potential

    • Evaluating ROI on creating a talent management culture.




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