Talent Labs creates purpose built assessment facility

Recruitment company Chemistry has announced the launch of the UK’s first Talent Lab.

Any one who’s ever interviewed will know how frustrating it can be for all concerned if the venue isn’t right.

Hotel bedrooms converted into temporary interview rooms, gawking eyes at the office and noisy reception areas in serviced facilities rarely set the right scene for important discussions about that critical role you need to fill.

And of course many candidates hate running the risk of being spotted when they turn up for a meeting about a new position.

Now all that is in the past, with the announcement of the opening of the first of the UK’s Talent Labs, in the Thames Valley.

Located near Bracknell, Berkshire, it offers high quality, purpose built interview and development assessment facilities. The air-conditioned building has been designed in consultation with recruitment companies and hiring managers. The design incorporates sound proofed interview rooms, assessor facilities, an internet enabled psychometric testing suite, and break out rooms with AV facilities and wi-fi internet access.

And its rural location will put paid to any candidates’ concerns that they might bump into their boss in the lobby.

“When it comes to a fantastic environment to assess candidates or hold dedicated development sessions, there has never been anything like this before. Business leaders, HR professionals and recruiters often make do with the compromise of hotel or conference centre” said Roger Philby, Chemistry CEO.

“Candidates and assessors are critical of assessment days completed on company premises as the rooms used are often spread across the site and rarely suitable for the task in hand,” he added.

Commenting on how candidate and business expectations are changing Philby continued, “Candidates and hiring managers at assessment centres are fed up with accepting poor standards. They want a smoothly run focused day, and not one worrying about whether the candidate is going to get lost on the way to the loo! They just want a great experience. That’s what they get at the Talent Labs.”

The facility can be booked for full or half day assessments and can be branded to the client. The full daily rate includes a reception service and high quality catering. For further details check out www.talentlabs.co.uk or call Ivor Matthews on 01344 418316

Chemistry is a talent focused business that helps organisations find and keep the best people for their situation. This includes consulting services, recruitment, talent market research and Talent Labs.

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