Talent Management: How to retain your best people

Talent Management: How to retain your best people
Published by Video Arts
Price: £1,299 (DVD) £1,099 (video)
Reviewed by John Charlton

What do Stressed Steve, Undervalued Rana, Bored Ben and Chris Serle have in common? They’ve all got talking parts in Talent Management: How to retain your best people video and training package.

Serle, who featured as a presenter in the consumer issues programme That’s Life on BBC 1, says it costs nine times more to recruit staff than to retain them. And that is what’s pushing talent management to the top of the HR agenda, apparently.

Social worker Steve is stressed out by his heavy workload and his work-life balance. Rana, a supermarket fresh food manager, is treated like a junior, and Bored Ben is fed up of his accounts work in a large insurance company.

Yes, it’s training package stereotype time – but with relevant solutions. Steve lightens his load through a job share. Rana is recognised for organising a family fun day, and Ben gets a new job in IT. They reach these personal nirvanas only when their bosses are prompted by Serle to look for the warning signs, ask questions and offer solutions that must be agreed, not imposed.

And these are the useful tips at the heart of this package.

It comprises the video, trainer’s guide and, on DVD, workbooks for groups and individuals, OHPs and certificates.

This package will work well as an introduction to some talent management issues that affect line and junior managers. And it’s so comprehensive that a training manager could give the package, to a line manager after a coaching session to use with their team.

It is inappropriate for senior management as it avoids some of the harder talent management issues, such as how to manage serial underperformers.

Talent Management: How to retain your best people, published by Video Arts, £1,299 (DVD) £1,099 (video)



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