Talent Q seeks views for annual talent management survey

People assessment firm, Talent Q, is seeking senior HR practitioners who wish to take part in research for its second annual talent management survey.  Talent Q’s first report, issued in January 2009, offered valuable insights into HR practice and trends in the current economic climate.

  • Views of senior HR practitioners sought
  • Results will provide barometer of HR practice in a rapidly changing business environment
  • Comprehensive talent management report to be distributed free to all respondents

The current tranche of research, which is being expanded internationally, will draw fascinating comparisons with the previous year’s benchmark. The contents will enable practitioners to assess their organisation against others in their sector or of a similar size.

To complete the survey please visit: www.talentqgroup.com/tmsurvey1.  The questionnaire is usually completed in less than 10 minutes. Everybody who takes part in the survey will receive a free copy of the resultant report. 

The first report was particularly enlightening, finding that:

  • Developing high performing teams was the biggest issue facing two-thirds of employers
  • Over a third of companies were slow to adapt HR practices in light of the changed economic climate
  • Succession planning, and managing talent through change, were concerns affecting over half of all employers
  • In respect of development opportunities, utilities, technology and public sector organisations were the most promising targets for graduates entering the workplace

Steve O’Dell, chief executive of Talent Q, said: “Effective talent management, in an environment where costs are under great scrutiny, remains a key challenge for senior HR professionals.

“We expect the results of the current survey to reveal how the HR community has responded to the recession and is helping their organisations gear up and take advantage of the anticipated upturn.

“The international data will be especially revealing, with UK firms being able to assess their talent management prowess against peers from around the globe.”




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