TalentPuzzle, the game changing marketplace for employers, releases a new version

TalentPuzzle, the innovative recruitment marketplace which lets employers advertise jobs for free to a network of accredited recruitment agencies, released a new version of its site today.

The new version, based on user feedback complied throughout the alpha-test phase, includes a feedback system through which the recruiters (sellers) are rated and reviewed by the employers and receive performance ratings according to criteria such as suitability of CVs submitted, communication level and responsiveness. These performance ratings ensure that recruiters are incentivised to only submit their best CVs and at the same time empowers employers to voice their views and concerns.

TalentPuzzle’s main goal is to ensure that employers receive higher quality CVs by increasing transparency in the  marketplace. “We want to relieve  HR managers from having to skim through hundreds of unqualified CVs”, says  Virginia Raemy, TalentPuzzle’s CEO.

As with any real world exchange, transparency increases the competition amongst transacting members: recruiters compete to fill the advertised jobs and will provide better CVs faster. A side benefit of competition is the pressure on fees. Employers set the placement fee for each advertised job according to what they are willing to pay. TalentPuzzle thus offers a convenient recruitment solution at times when many HR managers are faced with a tight budget.

Whilst the emphasise is on increasing transparency, TalentPuzzle ensures that the employer’s confidentiality is protected. “We make sure that advertisers won’t get inundated with unsolicited calls and emails,” says Virginia Raemy. TalentPuzzle only releases the job advertiser’s identity once the employer has chosen to engage a specific recruitment agency to work on a role.

This enables companies advertising on TalentPuzzle to benefit from a more efficient hiring process: CVs of higher relevance will shorten the hiring cycle and come at a reasonable cost.

TalentPuzzle does not charge employers to advertise jobs or to use the site, other than a transaction fee upon a successful hire.


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