Task force study will encourage pay reviews

The Accounting for People Task Force’s study into the link between HR
policies and the bottom line will encourage more employers to carry out equal
pay reviews.

Julie Mellor, chair of the Equal Opportunities Commission, is optimistic
that the task force’s intention to look at the impact of a range of indicators,
including remuneration and fair employment, will persuade more firms to focus
on equal pay.

"The preliminary proposals of the task force are a clear signal to
employers that being able to account for the way you pay your staff is key to
good business practice," said Mellor.

"Growing shareholder activism over ‘fat cat’ pay suggests the tide is
turning," she added.

The Accounting for People Task Force was set up by the DTI to help employers
measure the effectiveness of their human capital management policies.

Task force chairwoman Denise Kingsmill will report to DTI secretary Patricia
Hewitt in the autumn and produce guidelines that will help firms meet new
reporting procedures called Operating and Financial Reviews under the
forthcoming Companies Act.



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