Tech jobs stay static

The latest IT Job Board’s skills in demand figures show that regardless of the credit crunch, jobs in the IT sector have remained static since the beginning of the year with a slight increase in a few positions. 

Key findings are as follows:

  • Demand for testing roles increased  by 8.3 percent between Q1 to Q2

  • IT support, business analysts, networking and programming roles have remained stable over both quarters, while developer roles have decreased very slightly

  • Project manager and IT manager roles have seen a five percent decline over the past two quarters

  • Investment banking positions showed a surprising increase of 50 percent during Q2 with hedge fund positions also doubling during the same period

The IT Job Board has seen a general slow down over the summer period particularly for senior positions, however they expect to see this increase over autumn months.
Adam Stokes, operations manager at The it jobboard, said:

“Surprisingly we are seeing a surge in demand for Financial IT workers, but this could be due to the work being put in to develop systems that allow for better risk. 

“The good news is that we are seeing stability across IT positions as a whole, with no further significant drops since the beginning of the year – in fact an increase in networking positions is a positive sign that infrastructure projects are still going ahead.” 

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