Technology to drive UK care changes

The NHS Modernisation Agency is making use of internet and voice-conferencing technology, integrated with e-learning and web seminars, to transform the UK health and social care system.

The agency has identified 10 major changes that health and social care organisations can make in how they deliver care, and will be using the technologies to drive the behavioural changes needed to implement the improvements.

The NHS Modernisation Agency will be using ECP Connect software from Interwise, which integrates all the necessary technologies on one platform.

“We consider web casts and web meetings to be the way forward for this type of initiative,” said Philip O’Rourke, information and communications technology manager at the Health Care Standards Unit (HCSU), which will be facilitating the web cast and web meetings for the agency.

“They let us get as much information as possible, to as many people as possible, in as short a time as possible, delivered by the experts on the subject.”

The agency has selected a group of clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals in more than 700 front-line care delivery organisations, to become ‘change champions’ for the initiative.

Facilitated by the ECP Connect software, they will watch and hear presentations by subject-matter experts, and ask questions and discuss topics with others taking part. These champions will then work within the NHS to adopt the 10 High Impact Changes.

The HCSU chose Interwise based on technical criteria and the software’s ability to reach the target audience, many of whom work remotely in the field or at home and only have a low-speed dial-up link to the internet.

ECP Connect blends voice and web conferencing and e-learning in one low bandwidth solution.

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