TechSmith launches advanced training and presentation tool

TechSmith, the world’s leading provider of screen capture and recording technology, today announces the introduction of Camtasia Relay – a server-based screen recording application that businesses can use to build a digital archive of presentations and training videos, creating a sharable knowledge base for employees.

With Camtasia Relay, users can record everything that happens on a computer screen alongside accompanying audio and speech.

These digital recordings, or screencasts, can then be used demonstrate software operations or company procedures for new employees.

The digital recordings of the presentation are automatically uploaded to the company’s Camtasia Relay server and produced to the company’s media hosting system, providing easy, any-time access to the content for employees, contractors, or other stakeholders.

Camtasia Relay consists of a recorder application that runs on the presenter’s computer and software that runs on a Windows 2003 server that automates the presentation publishing process.

Relay has been developed in line with customer feedback to specifically address businesses needs. 

Through Camtasia Relay, an office in one part of the country can easily share meetings, presentations and training sessions with employees in another part of the world, reducing the cost of travelling to international offices.

Camtasia Relay’s features include:

Integration: The Camtasia Relay server can be integrated with existing IT infrastructure and the recorder can be used on both Macs and PCs.  No specialist equipment is required as it runs on standard Windows 2003 servers.

Automation: Administrators can create profiles for users with a specified file destination where completed work can be automatically uploaded, eliminating repetitive manual uploading tasks. 

These profiles are also available for offline recording when a connection to the server is unavailable.  When a connection can be made, Camtasia Relay will automatically upload the screencast to the media server for others to view. 

The automation of this process is secure, ensuring that materials are only distributed to relevant employees

Capture options: Camtasia Relay records full motion videos of exactly what happens on the user’s desktop during the presentation, including the use of video and audio files. 

Recordings can be played as a full motion video for visual demonstrations and training videos, or MP3 audio format if this is the most suitable sharing option.

Presentations can be produced in several formats and played from a variety of platforms including iPods or on PCs via a Flash Player

Email notifications: Camtasia Relay emails the presenter when a screencast is distributed and available for download.  The system also automatically emails the company’s IT administrators when the server is not functioning properly to alert them to the issue and prevent a lack of availability

Editing: For ease of use, Camtasia Relay does not have an editing suite, but rather everything from the presentation is captured as it happens. Editing can be completed in the Camtasia Studio software.

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