Tesco bosses in Poland set up a recruitment office in church

Tesco has turned to God to find workers for a new supermarket in Poland.

Store bosses have set up a recruitment office in a church to find 400 staff for the huge store in Chelm, northern Poland.

Tesco said it had decided to move into St Ursula’s because churches were good points of contact with people.

“Priests have helped us with recruitment in lots of places,” a spokesman added.

St Ursula’s priest, Father Adam Kalin, said he hoped the move would encourage Tesco to “see real people in their employees and not treat them just like human resources”.

Economist Adam Ambroszik, from the Confederation of Polish Employers, said: “In Poland, particularly in small villages, the priest is still an authority and the church is a social centre that can reach people who have no internet and no contact with job offices or employment agencies.”

Tesco entered the Polish market in 1995 and now has 280 stores, employing about 25,000 people.

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