Tesco faces nationwide logistics strike after giving ultimatum to Scots drivers

A ‘sign up to cuts or be sacked’ ultimatum handed out by Tesco to 126 distribution drivers in Scotland has led to a call for a national strike ballot at other UK distribution depots.

According to the Transport and General Workers’ section of Unite  – the union in support of the drivers in Livingston – drivers were told by Tesco to sign up to new, worse terms and conditions of work or risk losing their job when it opens a new depot in the town.

Tesco drivers based in Livingston will strike on 24-26 May, following a vote earlier in the month as supermarket giant will be closing the existing Livingston facility along with its other depot in Dundee.

Ron Webb, T&G section of Unite national secretary for transport, said: “Tesco is wrong to say the dispute is just about how people are paid. It is about losses of between £3,000 and £6,000 a year which are at issue along with losing the protection of their union.”

“Our shop stewards see the attack on the Scottish drivers as the first shot in a national attack by the company,” he said.

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