T&G claims Jersey staff face worst employment laws in Western world

Jersey workers face the worst employment laws in the Western world, according to the Transport and General Workers Union (T&G).

Today sees the T&G organise the largest meeting of shop stewards and key union activists in Jersey to oppose new proposals on employment rights from the Jersey Government.

Andy Frampton, the T&G regional secretary covering the island, said the plans were not just anti-trade union, they also undermined hard fought for rights for individuals, as well as collective rights.

“If these changes go through, Jersey will have the worst employment rights in the Western world,” he said before the meeting. “The government describe their plans as ‘fair play’, but we see nothing fair about them at all.

“We see these proposals undermining rights to redundancy pay, protection against discrimination and protection of pay, terms and conditions if your job is being transferred,” he explained. “Far from making progress, these laws, if passed, will become a charter for bad employers to exploit workers with impunity. In 2004, that cannot be right.”

The T&G has asked leading employment rights experts to study the government’s plans. Their findings will inform a delegation of union officials who are scheduled to meet the government committee on 17 November.

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