The Apprentice final five correctly predicted by Personnel Today blogger

Professor Binna Kandola,the blogger behind Personnel Today’sThe Apprentice Analysed has been correctly predicting the final five candidates to go through to next week’s semi-final throughout most of the series.

Kandola, founder and senior partner at business psychologists Pearn Kandola, has been writing about the BBC show for the past 10 weeks, rating candidates’ performance to form the Apprentice League Table. Candidates are rated against four characteristics: thought leadership, task leadership, people leadership, and potential for leadership.

Sir Alan Sugar last night fired retail manager Howard Ebison after accusing him of not taking enough risks: “I haven’t got time for just ordinary people.”

Kandola said on his Apprentice Analysed blog: “In our Apprentice League Table, Howard has been languishing near the Chop Zone for several weeks and last night he was finally put out of his misery.”

Following Ebison’s departure, the five remaining candidates are Yasmina Siadatan, Kate Walsh, Lorraine Tighe, Debra Barr and James McQuillan. These five have led the Apprentice League Table for the past five weeks.

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