The e-learning list adds more new suppliers

The e-learning list is a website that helps to connect Training and HR professionals with suppliers of e-learning services and courses.

We provide a place where anyone considering using or buying e-learning services from external providers can find solutions to meet their needs – large or small.

There has been a flurry of activity on the e-learning list recently. Following on an annoncment barely 10 days ago that there were seventy suppliers on the list, the number has now surpassed 80.

More people in search of e-learning solutions have also been using the service to connect with these suppliers.

In response to the news, Richard Beaumont, Managing Director of Enriched Learning Services Ltd, the company behind the e-learning list, stated:

“In tougher economic times it is more important than ever to stretch your training and e-learning investment as far as possible. One way to do that is making sure you are looking at all your possible options.

“The e-learning list is specifically designed to help people looking to source e-learning services to extend their range of choice by making it easier to connect with new suppliers who can provide new ideas and new solutions.”

Suppliers on the e-learning list offer a broad range of services, including serious games, rapid e-learning tools, testing solutions, consulting services, bespoke course development, LMS and LCMS platforms, Live E-learning solutions, and off-the-shelf courses.

We believe there is no other place on the web where information about so many e-learning suppliers can be found together.

Our service enables visitors to leave details of their e-learning needs so that suppliers will then come to them with proposed solutions, saving time maybe giving them new ideas to consider.

Best of all – it is completely free of charge to buyers – making it a risk free way of complementing any standard training procurement process.

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