The ‘miserable’ bits are what makes HR interesting

In response to your ‘miserable git’ news story (Personnel Today, 17 April), I often find myself wondering what I am doing in a role which can be frustrating in many ways. After all, HR only seems to be acknowledged when something goes wrong (which I’m pretty sure is where the ‘miserable’ part comes in).

But then I turn that thought on its head and think that if things were going so well and my advice and knowledge weren’t required, then my days at work would be pretty monotonous.

So to anyone who believes that HR professionals are miserable, I’d say to them: we may have a more serious role to play and we may keep ourselves to ourselves in the HR office, but one person’s role is just as important as the next person’s, so please try to respect the role of HR and take some time to understand it a bit more. It can be challenging and it can be dissatisfying, but hey, what job isn’t?

Sarah Singer, HR manager, Dart Products

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