The world’s first holographic training session

In a global business world where international trade continues to increase year on year, there is a growing need for people to globally connect with others on a global basis.  Constrained by the cost of travel and the impact on the environment, we all search for an alternative solution.  Video conferencing and constantly improving telecommunication has helped to bridge that gap to an extent, but to develop and maintain relationships we need more.

Welcome to the world of holograms.  Holograms are three dimensional images and technology now enables them to be life sized.

While holograms have been around for some time, it is only recently that technology has enabled them to be used for live interaction.  OnTrack International are pioneering the use of this technology to enhance the learning process and enable expertise to be imported at the push of a button.  This can enable an expert to be engaged remotely instead of bringing that same person in ‘physically’.

The technology will have multiple uses, for example sales presentations, conference speaking and executive meetings.

On the 16th February 2010, we will show how holographic training can be used for people development and how it enables people from different geographical areas to come together to be trained in a virtual training room with a live facilitator.  We have coined the phrase Holographic Virtual Learning (HVL) to describe the approach we have developed. 

There are just 30 places on this first showcase and they will be limited to one person per company, on a first come first served basis.



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