Three-quarters of HR chiefs think concentrating on service delivery blocks strategic activity

Three-quarters of HR directors believe the function’s focus on service delivery is a major barrier to strategic planning.

A poll of 100 HR directors conducted by recruitment outsourcing provider Profiles Resource Management,  revealed barriers to spending more time on strategic activities that include inadequate systems and processes (54%), and company culture and resistance to change (49%).

Respondents from larger firms also cited a lack of skills in the HR department (56%). 

The study found that 60% of larger companies still use the generalist HR model, where time and resources are focused on delivery of HR services.

About one-third of respondents from larger companies also reported that HR headcount had been reduced in past five years.

“HR continues to gain influence and credibility, but it appears that increased legislation and an emphasis on corporate risk makes service delivery a more onerous task,” said Sue Brooks, managing director of Profiles Resource Management.

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